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Sometimes the challenges we face in marriage can become so physically draining or emotionally painful that we just want to escape. Feeling as though our spouse has become an enemy rather than a partner, we just want to pack our bags, hop the next thing smoking and get away from it all. King David appears to have experienced a similar sentiment when, surrounded by enemies and having been betrayed, penned Psalm 55. In verses 6-8 he describes longing for the wings of a dove to fly away from the storm of his life to a place of shelter and be at rest. Some of us may have had such longings.

The only problem with running away is that we take ourselves with us. Wherever we go, there we are. And with us, all the unresolved stuff that remains so when choose escape over engagement with our spouse.

But what if God is using those difficulties in our marriage to grow us up, increase our empathic fortitude, and expand our capacity to forgive? Sometimes we need to stay, stand, and talk it out. It should not be dove’s wings we seek to remove us from the situation but eagles wings to ride out the storms in our marriage. Eagles are known to be courageously persistent and while other animals run for cover to avoid approaching storms, eagles fly into them and use the winds of the storms to carry them higher. Isaiah 40:31 says that when we wait on the Lord, we are strengthened, will “soar on wings like eagles”, and will not become too tired to carry on. Storms will hit every marriage. However, just like storms in the natural, they will pass; sometimes just as quickly as they arrive. But they need not leave devastation in their wake. When done God’s way our marriages can be taken to a whole new level.

The challenge for us, when faced with storms in our marriage, is to call on God, tap into His strength and ride it out, on wings.

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